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Hi-mart physical stores replacement rules
● 商品不合,請於七日內持標價存根聯至原購買當店辦理換貨
   Replacement Notice: Please within 7 days of the invoice price stub
   holders to the original purchase store for replacement
● 我們只接受吊牌尚存且商品保持全新、完整、清潔狀態下之商品換貨
   We Only accept merchandise tag surviving maintaining new,complete,clean state of the commodity exchange
● 我們不退還差價
   We do not refund the price difference
● 不可換貨的商品:新台幣100以下的商品,襪子,內衣褲,背心等貼身衣物,修改過的商品
   Non-replacement of the goods:NT$100 less personal clothing items, socks,underwear,vests,modified commodities
● 我們保有最終的換貨決定權
   We reserve the right to decide the final replacement
● 我們保有換貨規則的更改權
   We reserve the right to change the rules replacement
購物須知 FAQ
● 歡迎使用信用卡消費
   Welcome to Credit Card
● 艾瑪特為實體店鋪,歡迎您試穿適合後再購買
   Hi-mart physical stores,expect you to try before you buy
● 店內禁止拍照及攝影
   Can not take pictures and photography in the store
● 竊盜者罰款100倍,並送警法辦
   Theft by a fine of 100 times,and sent police to justice
● 為維護您購物品質,您可以先將袋子寄放在寄物櫃
   To maintain the quality of your purchase, you can put the bag lockers